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Home / Jewellery / Where Can I Buy Hypoallergenic Earrings?

Where Can I Buy Hypoallergenic Earrings?

Where Can I Buy Hypoallergenic Earrings? Latest Sale explores the best places to buy hypoallergenic earrings, from Delicate Earrings, Amazon UK, Serenity Jewellery. Simply Whispers and Macy’s.


Delicate Earrings

Delicate Earrings is a specialist e-tailer for hypoallergenic earrings in various styles for fashion lovers with sensitive skin. Designs are created by earring allergy manufacturers Biomdahl, Studex and Calton using various metals including stainless steel and titanium.

Delicate Earrings is an online business based in the North West of England. It was founded by Sarah who is a graduate in Biochemistry from the University of Cambridge and who has worked in the medical genetics field for childhood diseases.


Amazon UK

Aside from its popular Kindle gadgets, you’ll also find fashion accessories such as hypoallergenic earrings on the Amazon UK website. On the site, several brands sell hypoallergenic earrings ranging from one to more than a thousand pounds.


Serenity Jewellery

Serenity Jewellery specializes in hypoallergenic jewellery and cartilage earrings. Various metals are used including titanium, surgical steel and medical steel with hypoallergenic earring designs by Blomdahl and Studex.

Serenity Jewellery sells hypoallergenic earrings, cartilage earrings, body earrings and necklaces of various styles in titanium, metal-free, nobium, surgical steel, bioplast and gold.


Simply Whispers

Simply Whispers manufactures and sells surgical stainless steel, nickel-free hypoallergenic earrings as well as watches, bracelets, earrings and necklaces.



Macy’s is an omnichannel retailer with about 840 stores in 45 states and has several physical stores across the world. Macy’s first store was situated on the corner of 14th Street and 6th Avenue in New York City in 1858.

Macy’s hypoallergenic fashion earrings range from various styles and brands in sterling silver, yellow gold, white gold and platinum.