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Home / Jewellery / Why are exotic Destino Jewellery, black diamond earrings so rare?

Why are exotic Destino Jewellery, black diamond earrings so rare?

Why are exotic Destino Jewellery, black diamond earrings so rare? Typically, fine jewellery manufacturers focus on selling clear diamond earrings, with a select number of retailers including Latest Sale also selling black diamond earrings. Although some clear diamond earrings enjoy a higher selling price point than black diamond earrings, black diamond earrings are rare due to the types of jewellery designs and combinations available using this gemstone.

Enigmatic Destino Jewellery, black diamond earrings are known for their mysterious, edgy style and finishing. Brazil and the Central African Republic are two of the key locations where black diamonds are typically found. Black diamonds are sometimes called carbonados. Brazilian explorers first discovered black diamonds in 1840. The rarity and value of black diamonds is dependent on its age, for example black diamonds formed 2.6 billion to 3.6 billion years ago are extremely rare.

Clear diamonds are traditionally easier to cut and more widely available when compared to black diamonds. Equally, during the 19th and 20th centuries some jewellers regarded black diamonds too difficult to cut as they rank 10 on the Moh’s Scale. Black diamonds are slightly more fractured than clear diamonds and their overall composition is more unstable. The charcoal colouring of black, opaque black diamond gemstones derives from a combination of hematite, graphite and pyrite. It is these inclusions that make it more difficult to cut the stone into the desired shape. The porous nature of black diamond earrings also enables inclusions to be more readily embedded into the crevices of the gemstones. For this reason certain cuts such as cabochon-cut black diamonds are rare.

Destino Jewellery, black diamond earrings have been carefully crafted to reflect the wants and needs of elegant women who wish to stun and shine. Creating an enigma through elaborate designs that combine both black diamonds and clear diamonds reflects the signature style of Destino Jewellery.