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Home / Jewellery / Can handmade beaded necklaces be described as costume jewellery?

Can handmade beaded necklaces be described as costume jewellery?

Can handmade beaded necklaces be described as costume jewellery? As handmade beaded necklaces do not fit the description of fine jewellery and many styles may fit the descriptive costume jewellery styles of art deco or art modern, one would think that in some cases handmade beaded necklaces could in effect fit the costume jewellery description.

One of the key differences between costume jewellery and handmade jewellery is of course the mass manufactured characteristics of costume jewellery that ensures any two designs are in fact replicas of each other. Handmade jewellery however does not guarantee this and the manufacturing process is tailored toward bespoke finishings that may have subtle differences or even slight blemishes. Handmade beaded necklaces are therefore ideal for this manufacturing process as they give the wearer a feeling of exclusivity and uniqueness that cannot be guaranteed with mass produced costume jewellery.

Handmade beaded necklaces available on the Latest Sale site include the Olga Margarita, tagua necklaces range that is available in a range of colours including green, orange and blue. Each piece is unique because even though they are styled in the same way, their handmade nature ensures that sizes of the beads, their colourings and overall texture with an uneven number of comparative beads on each piece differ making them completely exclusive.

Olga Margarita, handmade beaded necklaces are delivered in an elegant silver designer jewellery box.