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Gracefulness encapsulated by sterling silver earrings

Gracefulness encapsulated by sterling silver earrings ensures that you shine and delight onlookers no matter the occasion. For formal settings such as boardroom presentations, consider onyx earrings that are suitable gemstones for 925 sterling silver metal settings. One formal suit or dress presents the perfect opportunity for these jewellery accessories to truly enter the limelight…

Summer costume jewellery highlights include crystal jewellery

Summer costume jewellery highlights include crystal jewellery that sparkles in the bright sunshine. The flexibility of the non-precious metals used to create fashion jewellery including silver plated jewellery and gold plated jewellery ensure that tantalizing crystals can dangle freely from each piece. Crystals can be encrusted on large earrings or necklaces to create jewellery sets…

One-of-a-kind bridal jewellery

One-of-a-kind bridal jewellery gives every bride-to-be who wishes to glow with distinctive style and edge the opportunity to impress guests and the groom. Embrace the Destino Jewellery range of fine jewellery delights. For coloured themed weddings, select sapphire jewellery sets and coordinate with bouquets of fragrant lilies or hydrangeas. Stun your audience during the wedding…

Fine jewellery delights a new generation

Fine jewellery delights a new generation of aspiring fashionistas keen to adopt trendsetting styles whilst retaining an aura of finesse and exclusivity. Wear Destino Jewellery dangle earrings inspired by natural earthy tones. Select honeycomb coloured topaz jewellery for the autumn and winter months and change to blue topaz jewellery as the spring/summer season approaches. A…

IT and Innovation Challenges in Hospitality Latest Sale Week 26072021

This week we report from the Hospitality, Travel and Leisure Business Directory as we highlight IT and innovation challenges in hospitality. 2021 is the year that the hospitality sector has already witnessed considerable IT and technological issues. The quick uptake of contactless technology, such as smartphone check-ins, digital room keys, and touchless payment methods, has…

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