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Cultural Events Carmen Thyssen Art Museum, Treasures Mediterranean Sea

This week Latest Sale covers fine art at a Malaga based cultural institution with a focus on the exhibition “Treasures of the Mediterranean Sea.” The Carmen Thyssen Art Museum in Malaga will showcase a selection of 62 pieces of fine art from March 23rd 2018. These works of art have been sourced from 35 national and international public and private collections. With an array of fine art paintings and sculptures on display, the Carmen Thyssen Art Museum will showcase its prominence within the artistic world as it brings together fine art from such respected establishments around the world Including the Pompidou Centre in Paris, the Reina Sofia Museum and the Picasso Museum in Paris. Testament to the journey of artistic culture and interest within the…

Cultural Events, The Breeze from Qi Baishi’s Hometown

Cultural Events, The Breeze from Qi Baishi’s Hometown. This week Latest Sale covers Chinese painter Qi Baishi for the Cultural Events section’s Business Directory. With a special focus on Chinese artistic delights by Qi Baishi, the Spanish styled fine art preview will be soon display the Andalusian region’s clientële that continues to appeal to an international audience. We highlight the fruitful palette of Chinese paintings by Qi Baishi with the systematic use of vibrant brushstrokes, Qi Baishi already set the record in terms of auction sales by creating art that has been some the most expensive pieces of Chinese art ever to be sold. His series of 12 landscape paintings are reported to have sold for over EUROS 120 million. The Qi Baishi (1884-1957). Fine art…