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Costume Jewellery Style Guide

Let us uncover the costume jewellery style guide. Don’t be easily mistaken by the word “costume” in the description of costume jewellery because it in fact represents some of the best in fashionable, trendy, and affordable accessories. If you appreciate funky and unique jewellery pieces but avoid them simply because you are unsure how to style them with contemporary clothing, look no further than Bijoux Oui. Here is a quick costume jewellery style guide.

Bold dangle earrings, oversized chandelier-style earrings, or stunningly enhanced statement earrings in general can be worn with skinny jeans or boyfriend jeans and a simple T-shirt. Costume jewellery offers a great way to add a touch of glam and chicness to your outfit.

Another option is to pair statement hoops or minimalist inspired hoops with a pair of ripped jeans, a cute blouse top, and a trendy purse. For ring lovers, stack up your rings or opt for statement choices with a sparkly sequin top or bottoms for a festive look on special occasions. The combination of unique bracelets with a watch can be paired with a pretty top, jeans or trousers, and a blazer to finish off the look.

Finally, statement necklaces can definitely be worn with strapless fancy dresses but they could also be used to top a cute and comfortable sweater. The options are nearly endless so don’t be afraid to experiment with different costume jewellery pieces mixed and matched with your comfortable everyday garments.