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Multimedia in-wall speakers Latest Sale Week 30072018

This week Latest Sale reports from the Multimedia and Digital Business Directory with a focus on wireless technology. The Sonos system of wireless speakers are adapted to the user’s environment. With the aim to address the needs of clients who require minimalist interiors, Sonos speakers have been especially designed to fit in walls or even on ceilings.

With greater streaming support than competitors such as Bose SoundTouch, the Sonos Controller System facilitates easy integration of music streaming services offered by Apple and others. As Sonos speakers are not Bluetooth enabled, all that is required is a WIFI connection via a router or eternet connection cable for broadband connection.

As well as offering customers with designs for ceiling speakers and in-wall speakers, the Sonos product range also includes a product line that is specific for outdoor use. With design featured grilles that can be painted to match any colour, multimedia and digital users can create boldly coloured speakers to add some colour to neutral settings.