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The Destino Jewellery Murano glass handmade jewellery launch

The Destino Jewellery Murano glass handmade jewellery launch is set for 2020/ 2021 with a focus on delightful designs for trendsetting women everywhere. The Destino Jewellery diffusion line incorporating Murano glass earrings will be available from around £60.00 to £300.00 a piece depending on the workmanship and use of either sterling silver or 14k gold….

Micro-Influencers in Telecommunications, Latest Sale Week 29042019

This week, Latest Sale reports from the Business Directory to discuss the rising trend of micro-influencers in telecommunications. The telecommunications industry is beginning to realise the importance of establishing relationships with micro-influencers. Micro-influencers hold a thought leadership status and have a following that telecommunications brands can use to promote their products and services. Through influencer…

How Sterling silver baltic amber jewellery cultivates creativity

Latest Sale discovers how sterling silver baltic amber jewellery cultivates creativity by exuding stunning jewellery pieces that reflect beautiful works of art.  Craftspeople from the Baltics have a long-standing reputation for making beautiful works of art using yellow and green Baltic amber and so the Destino Jewellery fine jewellery collection of amber earrings and amber…

Can McMansions regain their popularity? Latest Sale Week 22042019

This week, Latest Sale discusses the downfall of McMansions from the Architecture Business Directory and answers the question, “Can McMansions regain their popularity?” McMansions are nothing short out of a horror movie, aptly coined “McMansion Hell” by an author who reviews McMansions from around the world. These expansive, cheaply built architectural disasters dominated the American…

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