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Home / Technology / AWARDS: A spot on the prestigious TECHROUND BAME50 2023 list

AWARDS: A spot on the prestigious TECHROUND BAME50 2023 list

In a notable stride towards recognition and success, the whole team at LatestSale.com Limited proudly secured a spot on the prestigious TECHROUND BAME50 2023 list, achieving an impressive 12th position. This accolade is not just a testament to our accomplishments but also a mark of our heritage as a for-profit social impact tech enterprise. The TECHROUND BAME50 2023 list stands as a reflection of our dedication to the creative services sector and our equally unwavering support of luxury hospitality, travel, and leisure brands.

LatestSale.com prides itself in embracing diversity, pushing always for excellence in design and innovation, in our quest to ensure our products and services take on board their social impact. This acknowledgement from TECHROUND underscores our unique positioning in the industry, emphasizing our genuine desire to creating positive change. Judges identified our contributions to the sectors we serve, applauding our pioneering solutions in Organic Artificial Intelligence™ (OAI) and Sustainable Artificial Intelligence™ (SAI).

Our commitment to building flawless technology tools is evident in our continuous pursuit of groundbreaking solutions. Through OAI and SAI, we strive to redefine the boundaries of artificial intelligence, incorporating organic and sustainable elements into our technology. This not only aligns with our values but also positions us as leaders in ethical and responsible tech innovation.

The company’s devotion to responsible AI is evident in its rejection of the prevailing trend of replacing human thoughts and jobs with supposedly “smarter” tools. LatestSale.com’s ethos revolves around empowering artists, advocating for fair compensation, and steering clear of copyright infringement pitfalls, a perspective articulated through their award-winning “Your Voice is Amplified” Podcast. In an industry flooded with buzzwords, LatestSale.com stands out by aligning with equitable outcomes, healthy product development, and accountable product lifecycle management principles.

As a for-profit social impact tech company, we take pride in our role in the creative services sector and luxury hospitality, travel, and leisure industry. Our triumph in the TECHROUND BAME50 2023 list highlights that industry insiders who matter, eagerly anticipate us showcasing our ability to deliver cutting-edge technology that delivers a positive and more equal impact on society as a whole.

Excitement abounds as we look to the future, with a promising pipeline of products set to launch. These upcoming offerings will ensure we stay ahead of the curve, as our team consistently push boundaries to deliver value to our clients and stakeholders. As we celebrate our achievements, we remain focused on our mission to pioneer change, foster a new revolution of thought leadership products and services, and leave a lasting impact on the intersection of technology and social responsibility.