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Home / Art Commissions / Can surrealism be used for art commissions?

Can surrealism be used for art commissions?

Can surrealism be used for art commissions? Indeed, surrealist artists can work with private clients to create bespoke pieces that touch the soul.

Surrealism is an artistic movement that explores the unconscious mind for the creation of art. The result is dreamlike and often bizarre imagery. Surrealism focuses on illustrating the deepest thoughts as they arise. This method of art creation is called “automatism.”

Some of the most prominent surrealist artists include Michael Cheval, Pablo Picasso, Salvador Dali, and Joan Miró. It fascinates with its intriguing depiction of animals and people, fantastic sculptural arrangements, and enchanting landscapes. Surrealism is characterized by its myriad artistic techniques that emphasize creative freedom.