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Home / Architecture / Chinese Architecture, MAD at Shan-Shui City, Latest Sale Week 11092017

Chinese Architecture, MAD at Shan-Shui City, Latest Sale Week 11092017

This week Latest Sale covers the Best of Chinese Architecture for the luxury Business Directory. With Beijing at the epicentre of architectural prowess, we examine the work of Chinese Architect Ma Yansong. The Shan-Shui City project consists of a mixed-use mountain-inspired skyscraper complex incorporating the design essence of lakes and hills. It includes offices, public spaces and skyscrapers that are forged into the design to represent mountain peaks.

The Beijing architectural firm MAD, headed up by Ma Yansong developed this urban architectural project with the planned location of the complex destined to be at the very edge of one of the largest city parks in the world, Chaoyang Park. The project aligned two districts of city landscapes and green spaces together with a futuristic, edgy design.

The Shan-Shui City concept developed by Architect Ma Yansong is an urban strategy based on the style of Chinese landscape paintings. Its conceptual meaning relates to the Chinese words for mountains and water. Skyscrapers at the Shan-Shiu City project are in turn transformed into the “spirit of green” so that the building can enjoy truly green credentials and be designed with sustainability and environmental concern at the heart of the building’s design. Bringing together cultural heritage and contemporary architecture offers the Shan-Shiu City project with one of the best, engaging environmentally inspired architectural projects in China aimed to create a new balance within society.


Images courtesy of http://www.i-mad.com/