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Home / Fine Art / How to decorate a room in yellow, Ali Jabbar Abstract Art Posters

How to decorate a room in yellow, Ali Jabbar Abstract Art Posters

Yellow Sky, Ali Jabbar, Art Posters

Colour schemes and moods combine to create a room’s personality. Abstract Art Posters by Ali Jabbar include Yellow Sky that is bold enough to accentuate any room setting with neutral décor. Of course if the room colour of choice is yellow, wall coverings do not necessarily have to be in the same colour.

The Yellow Sky painting depicts a scene composed of groups of structural elements. The large cubic spaces resemble planted fields and the attached triangles resemble buildings that are either growing or standing still. The circular shapes represent nature and clouds, and the bright yellow colour in the painting projects warmth and neutralizes its dominating green space.

With this in mind, in order to decorate a room in yellow, it is certainly worthwhile using an open, airy environment that depicts both the painting and the room setting. The Yellow Sky painting is perfect to decorate an attic or a spacious loft and is available in various sizes and prices including A1 abstract art posters, 84.1cm (h) x 59.4cm (w), A2 abstract art posters 59.4 cm (h) x 42.0 cm (w) and A3 abstract art posters 42.0 cm (h) x 29.7 cm (w).

In order to enhance your interior design environment and luxury furnishings, art lovers will be pleased to know that abstract artwork by Ali Jabbar is available on the Latest Sale site for direct purchase as well as being available as part of the Support an Artist Affiliate Scheme.