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How varied are Destino Jewellery copper earrings

Shoppers seeking fabulous handmade jewellery may ask, how varied is the Destino Jewellery copper earrings collection? The Destino Jewellery product design team takes on board the needs of customers with senstiive ears and has included in the majority of the handmade jewellery line a range of earrings with stering silver earwires. Copper earrings are styled to match the historic influences of the family based artisans who help us create wonderfully unique pieces inspired from the archaeological treasures of Mexico.

Women with differing personalities will be pleased to know that the Destino Jewellery product design team has also taken this into consideration. Handmade jewellery pieces include bold and beautiful large hoop earrings, delicately placed copper stud earrings and inspirational copper dangle earrings. Whatever the occasion and whatever the personality of the wearer, there is a perfect accessory to set off any wearer’s stunning garment.

The Destino Jewellery copper earrings range is delivered in an elegant black leatherette designer jewellery box. For large copper hoop earrings, they are delivered in an elegant charcoal black cardboard designer jewellery box.