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Is 300 gsm Paper Used for Abstract Art Limited Edition Prints?

 Latest Sale answers a common question: Is 300 gsm paper used for abstract art limited edition prints? If one were to purchase an art print from Latest Sale, they would find that we do not use ordinary 300 gsm paper for our prints, instead opting for premium Somerset paper. To explain why, we first need to define our materials.

Gsm stands for grams per square meter, and it is used to measure the quality and weight of printing paper. 300 gsm is a thick density paper that is often used for business cards. There are many brands identified by this type of paper, but we trust is chlorine free premium Somerset paper to bring you the finest quality prints that stand the test of time.

Somerset Paper uses an innovative manufacturing system to create thick, lightweight, and durable paper. By combining multiple steps of the paper making process, the paper is stronger and more resistant to cracking or peeling. Additionally, the finished product has a smooth surface that is well-suited for holding rich, vibrant colours. Because we use Somerset paper, our abstract art limited edition prints can deliver the upmost quality of vivid accuracy and artistic immersion.