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Home / Architecture / Italian Architecture and Treehouse Escapism, Latest Sale Week 16072018

Italian Architecture and Treehouse Escapism, Latest Sale Week 16072018

This week Latest Sale highlights eco trends in Architecture for the Business Directory with a focus on Italian Architecture and Treehouse Escapism. Located in the Italian Alps, the Pigna (Treehouse) by Architect Claudio Beltrame provides its guests with an original retreat away from the hustle and bustle of major cities.

The town of Ugovizza houses this cleverly designed Treehouse that is shaped as a pinecone. The inspiration for the shape of the Treehouse lies in the heritage of pines that derive from evergreen conifers that are some of the oldest living trees on Earth. The perfect eco retreat and escapism choice for those who wish to be at one with nature, Architect Claudio Beltrame offers guests a unique stay.

In response to the wave of interest in ecotourism and escapism retreats, Claudio Beltrame created this eco Treehouse that is suspended 10 metres from the ground up and is supported by surrounding fir trees. A wooden bridge enables pedestrians to cross over and enter the Treehouse the interiors of which are fabricated from wood. 360-degree views from elevated windows showcase views of the Alps. A secure environment is assisted by the location of the Treehouse that is 1,200 metres above sea level in the UNESCO World Heritage site in Dolomites.


Images courtesy of Architetto Beltrame