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Home / Technology / Looking at the Rise of AI Chatbots Latest Sale Week 29032021

Looking at the Rise of AI Chatbots Latest Sale Week 29032021

This week Latest Sale looks at the rise of AI chatbots from the technology Business Directory. By 2023, AI chatbots are expected to become increasingly sophisticated, capable of providing more personalized customer service and making customer interactions much smoother than they are currently in 2021. Chatbot assistants are expected to be able to provide helpful advice on topics from product reviews and ordering information to travel arrangements and health advice.

Companies may use chatbots to eliminate the need for human customer service representatives or to reduce their numbers, however reduced workforces can be a primary cause of low productivity. Businesses are also likely to use AI-powered chatbots to automate mundane tasks, such as data entry or processing orders. This is thought to not only improve the customer experience but can also reduce costs and increase efficiency. AI chatbots may also be used in marketing campaigns by targeting customers with relevant ads based on their interests, behaviours, and preferences.