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Home / Hospitality, Travel and Leisure / The Rise of Smart Amenities in Hospitality, Latest Sale Week 23092019

The Rise of Smart Amenities in Hospitality, Latest Sale Week 23092019

This week, Latest Sale reports from the business directory to bring you the latest in luxury hospitality trends- the rise of smart amenities in hospitality. We highlight luxury hotels looking toward advanced technology to optimize comfort levels and convenience amongst hotel guests. The CitizenM Hotel in Amsterdam provides MoodPad tablets to every guest. This enables guests to change room temperature, open or close the blinds, or change the TV channel without moving an inch.

One of the key advantages of embracing this technology includes its ever-evolving implications on the hospitality industry as a whole. Smart amenities will soon be able to remember a hotel guest’s preferences and have them prepared to exact specifications each and every time a guest checks in. Data sharing is another benefit of smart amenities as hotel chains will be able to exchange pertinent data between locations, so that no matter where a guest travels in the world, convenience and prior knowledge of the customer’s preferences are guaranteed.

Some other smart amenity innovations come in the form of smartphone apps. These apps allow the user to avoid using key cards when checking into their hotel room by offering the option of unlocking a guest room from the guest’s phone instead. Although this is beneficial, security concerns still remain in the unfortunate cases where a guest’s mobile phone is either lost or stolen.

For the business traveller in a hurry, hotel apps make the check-in and check-out procedures as efficient as possible. A guest can even order room service or book a stay at the spa before they even arrive at the hotel. When a phone can duplicate as a hotel guest’s concierge service, the possibilities are endless!