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Home / Photography / Three Ways to Achieve the Grainy Film Effect Latest Sale Week 03082020

Three Ways to Achieve the Grainy Film Effect Latest Sale Week 03082020

This week Latest Sale explores three ways to achieve the grainy film effect in digital photography as part fo the Business Directory. Grainy low-resolution images or noisy shots can give your image a gritty and raw quality that creates a completely unique mood in your shots.

The first way to achieve this look is by utilizing an editing tool such as the Adobe Photoshop application. Start by duplicating the background layer and renaming it to something memorable such as ‘Noise Effect’. At the top of the screen, click Filter > Noise > Add Noise. A box will pop up for you to adjust the noise intensity level.

The second method to consider is by using the Adobe Camera Raw application. Within the application, click the ‘fx’ tab on the right hand side underneath the histogram and scroll to the ‘Film Grain’ section to add grain. Keep the ‘Size’ option up and the ‘Roughness’ option down to produce a similar grainy effect as seen on an ISO 100 film.

Finally, invest in a mirrorless FujiFilm camera which presents the perfect blend of old and new in both its physical design and the resulting images. The effective ‘Film Simulation’ settings mimic various types of real Fujifilm film. The camera uses sensors with a unique, semi-random colour pixel arrangement that can produce wonderful nostalgic film effects.