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Home / Jewellery / What is the Difference Between Gold Filled and Gold Plated Earrings?

What is the Difference Between Gold Filled and Gold Plated Earrings?

What is the difference between gold filled and gold plated earrings? The answer lies in the manufacturing process for each. To make gold filled earrings, the metal core is bonded to a thick layer of gold with immense pressure and heat.

To make gold plated earrings, an electric current is used to negatively charge the base metal and positively charge the thin gold layer. These opposite ions attract each other, creating a subatomic bond between the materials. The beautiful results are undeniable and this is the reason why the Bijoux Oui collection of gold plated earrings enjoys some of the most exciting designs on the market.

For the fashionable woman on a budget, both of these methods; gold filled or gold plated earrings create an economic alternative to pure gold jewellery.