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Best interior trends: fireplaces, wall lamps Latest Sale Week 13082018

This week Latest Sale reports from the Interior Design Business Directory with a focus on the best interior trends: fireplaces, walls lamps.


How to inspire with fireplaces

The usage of inspirational fireplaces that maximize the interiors of inviting living spaces such as living rooms has become increasingly popular. The diverse variants on offer range from contemporary, classic, vintage or to masculine designed industrial styled fireplaces.

Thanks to the development of interior design trends that have moved the importance of functional fireplaces to aesthetically designed fireplaces that meet the demands of fashion conscious customers, interior designers are spoilt for choice when offering interior design solutions to their clients.


What is the function of fireplaces?

Increasingly, fireplaces communicate a warm, inviting environment and embrace open spaces in living rooms that also open up a room’s spacing parameters. Fireplaces are perfect visual equipment enhancers with television sets and other audio visual equipment often placed above them. Some popular materials used to create contemporary fireplaces include ceramic, stone, wood and metal with the choice of one material over the other greatly dependent on the room’s overall d├ęcor and colour palette.

Some functional fireplace uses such as the ability to retain heat are also a factor when choosing materials for fireplaces, with stone fireplaces often selected for this reason as well as their classy, contemporary nature that brightens up dark interior environments. The ability of stone fireplaces to reflect and add class to a client’s interiors is also a key factor for their use.


Making the most of wall lamps

Modern living requires modern solutions and interior designers will be embracing the trend of wall lamps for their clients moving forward in 2019. Ambient lighting is a focus for interiors with luxury dwellings displaying an array of inviting wall lamps that act as both centre pieces in place of paintings as well as key environment enhancers.