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Preparing for a Machine-to-Machine World, Latest Sale Week 30042018


This week Latest Sale covers Technology for the Business Directory with a focus on preparing for a Machine-to-Machine World. This is part I of our series on Machine-to-Machine Technology. M2M (Machine-to-Machine) showcasing how to embrace true connectivity between devices. Connectivity through IoT (Internet of Things) systems is only possible due to enhanced infrastructure development of networks that can absorb more and more data. Through Machine-to-Machine technology, billions of devices and machines interact through Internet connectivity and machine and device connectivity. The capture and sharing of data through devices that use the Internet contribute to the basic infrastructure of the network of things (the Internet of Things).


How consumers can use Machine-to-Machine Technology


Smart homes- Connecting Smartphones with Smart home devices can unlock further potential for M2M Technology. Such technology is based on trust that is the key to its success as it relies on automated systems such as turning on/off heating or locking/ unlocking front doors.

Online shopping- Device monitoring through Machine-to-Machine devices can assess a customer’s shopping habits so that interaction between a consumer and a retailer is greatly improved. Such a technique is based on location-based technology with consumers likely to have to opt-in so that shopping centres for example can send a digital reminder to a consumer or offer an incentive if the consumer is driving nearby or walking in the locality of the retail establishment.

Health and fitness- Wearable devices are ever more popular when attached to patients who may have medical conditions that require regular monitoring. Wearable devices that track heartbeats or that can alert patients via a reminder mechanism such as an alarm to take medication or recommend patient’s check in with their doctors in case of variations in their health thanks to the device’s detection mechanism are also key uses.