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The best way to promote an art commissions service

Fine artists who wish to expand their profile will seek the best way to promote an art commissions service that should provide the fine artist with more flexibility and profitability over time. Is posting on social media platforms the best way to raise a fine artist’s profile, or rather should a fine artist focus on specialist art-related forums or dedicated trade press with a focus on art?


The best target market for art commissions

One of the key considerations fine artists will need to take into consideration is the desired target market they wish to reach. Art commissions take on a different scope depending on whether the project will be carried out for a business customer or the consumer market. Expectations and demands from one target market to another will also vary. Once the target market is determined, the fine artist can then tailor messaging and imagery according to the most appropriate forum.


How to showcase portfolio of work to clients seeking art commissions

Fine artists may showcase their portfolio of work with before and after shots so that their potential clients can see how the work developed over time and under what timeframe. Clients will always ask fine artists to specify the length of time for project completion and so in the case of art commissions, it is important to know what work will be developed and completed week to week. Understanding the art process, from sketching to creating work on canvas is also of great interest to potential clients and these factors are good promotional tools fine artists can deploy to attract more clients.