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Are all limited edition prints numbered?

Are all limited edition prints numbered? Typically if a print series is only reproduced in limited quantities they should be numbered. The lower the number of the print the higher the value as earlier print reproductions carry a premium. However increasingly, and especially in the case of prints from artists who are no longer living, authenticated prints from dealers or reputable online sellers are the norm. The authentication symbol indicates to potential buyers that the print has been produced to the highest quality and derives from an authentic piece of original artwork.

Take “The Terrace and Observation Deck at the Moulin de Blute-Fin, Montmartre” (1887) by Vincent Van Gogh. The original artwork lies with the Art Institute of Chicago, USA. Any authenticated prints despatched by Latest Sale are digitally produced to the highest of standards and the output of the print derives from the original artwork, guaranteed. Retouching to the image or slight colour enhancements for digital reproduction will have been carried out, however no manipulation to the original artwork has been performed.

Buyers can therefore trust in the knowledge that they are receiving an accurate replication of the original artwork that is suitable for display as a limited edition print.