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Home / Multimedia and Digital / The Beauty of the Lux Controller Latest Sale Week 01072019

The Beauty of the Lux Controller Latest Sale Week 01072019

This week Latest Sale reports from the Multimedia and Digital Business Directory with a focus on the beauty of the Lux controller that ensures that those who adore gilded treasures are truly satisfied. This lifestyle brand aims to attract the most discerning global consumers who seek luxury in design and exclusivity. Some of the finest materials are used to create Lux iPhones including imperial jade to purple diamonds. The perfect accompaniment to Sony Playstation, this opulent alternative controller will wow the crowds.

One of the key differences between products available on the Brikk site and other multimedia devices on the market is that each product is handmade by dedicated artisans ensuring that they are truly unique with no more than 77 designs of a single use product the same. The Lux Dual 4 model takes its gaming controller craftmanship from the original Sony JDM-055 Model controller and is a work of art that is a joy to deploy in a fabulously designed entertainment room.

The Lux Dualshock 4 range consists of four special collections: the flagship Haute collection, the Omni collection, the Deluxe collection and the Classic collection. All Brikk- styled product ranges can be customized to specific needs such as being adorned with conflict free diamonds and 18k gold or platinum finishings or having especially designed custom stick heights.

Price ranges reflect the opulence of the Brikk collection with the Lux Dualshock 4 Haute controller retailing for around $93,995 and even up to $1 million if perfectly flawless diamonds are used.


Image courtesy of Brikk