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Are Gold Plated Earrings Shower-friendly?

Are gold plated earrings shower-friendly? This is a question that is often asked by women who have the habit of forgetting to remove their costume jewellery before showering. Women showering and bathing with gold plated earrings can seriously damage them over time. Gold plated jewellery immersed under water for long durations can cause chipping and scratches as well as the stripping away of the gold plating.

Although gold plated earrings by Bijoux Oui are durable, the product design team advises women to care for their costume jewellery by keeping it away from water. Remove gold plated earrings before stepping into the shower or bath tub. Bijoux Oui is the home to intricately designed gold plated earrings. The online store’s vast collection of gold plated earrings features variety, accessible price points and designs for women who seek costume jewellery that is fun and adventurous.