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Home / Technology / Biometrics Technology for Smart Cities, Latest Sale Week 01042019

Biometrics Technology for Smart Cities, Latest Sale Week 01042019

This week, Latest Sale reports from the Technology Business Directory, with out team discussing the benefits of biometrics technology for smart cities using 5G networks. “Biometrics is a realistic authentication process used in computer science for identification and access control. It can also assist with calculations and measurements.”

5G is a fifth-generation wireless network, which has already been introduced in major cities across Europe and North America. Smart cities should incorporate biometrics technology in devices operating on a 5G network. A gym located in a smart city with 5G can provide its clients with biometric readouts to monitor and optimise their workouts. More importantly, biometrics technology powered by a 5G network can increase the efficiency of facial recognition, fingerprint scans, and voice recognition by reducing the time it takes to enter and retrieve information. Biometric facial recognition technology at various checkpoints can take pictures of passersby and check records to determine if they have a criminal background.

The introduction of biometrics technology will also ensure a faster and more secure process to login for users using 5G. The industries to benefit the most from the incorporation of biometrics in devices running on 5G are financial institutions, telecommunications, insurance companies, government, and other enterprises.