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Home / Technology / Discover the Apple iPad Pro and Apple Pencil Latest Sale Week 14092015

Discover the Apple iPad Pro and Apple Pencil Latest Sale Week 14092015

Latest Sale continues to report on the latest trends in Multimedia as a part of our Luxury Business Directory News. This week, Latest Sale uncovers the latest in Apple luxury focusing on multimedia artists- the Apple iPad Pro and the Apple Pencil. Starting from £585, the combination of the two will make every creative designer’s dreams come true.

The Apple iPad Pro is the largest tablet Apple has developed. At 12.9 inch creative designers won’t have to cram through spaces and they won’t be limited with the size of their designs. Artists now have sufficient canvas dimension for their digital paintings and sketches thanks to its crystal clear screen clarity.

The iPad Pro runs on A9X chip that is capable of running most multimedia programmes and applications seamlessly. As an additional benefit, the iPad Pro runs on Apple’s OSX, so expect to run OSX programmess on this tablet rather than just iOS applications. Users can run Adobe Creative Suite and AutoCad using Apple iPad Pro just as you would on a Mac.

To take advantage of the bigger screen, Apple has introduced Apple Pencil. Apple Pencil is a stylus intended to offer pressure-sensitive drawing and painting rather than a standard touch. The Pencil feels just like an ordinary pencil and is as light as one too. It can detect pressure and angle, so creating lines of different thickness is not a problem for this stylus pen.

The Apple iPad Pro price starts at £585; the Apple Pencil is £65 and both will be available from November 2015.