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Home / Jewellery / The Fire Steel, hypoallergenic earrings that sparkle

The Fire Steel, hypoallergenic earrings that sparkle

Fire Steel, hypoallergenic earrings are known to sparkle whilst ensuring that stainless steel jewellery wearers with sensitive ears are well and truly protected. Made from 316L stainless steel, Fire Steel, hypoallergenic earrings enjoy strong resistance to corrosion and oxidation as well as being hypoallergenic.

Finely polished and manufactured with the highest quality surgical stainless steel the full range of Fire Steel, stainless steel, hypoallergenic earrings will never go dull. The Fire Steel, hypoallergenic earrings design team uses laser cutting technology that ensures that each manufactured piece is absolutely flawless.

The beauty of Fire Steel, hypoallergenic earrings is that no matter their colour or style, their enigmatic sparkle is undeniable. Jewellery wearers can choose between silver coloured Fire Steel, hypoallergenic earrings, PVD gold hypoallergenic earrings, hoop earrings and huggies, some blended with crystals and other materials including cubic zirconia. Stainless steel crystal and cubic zirconia earrings include Fire Steel, stainless steel huggies that are delightful small earrings with a dimension of 14mm. With multiple baby blue crystals that shine in the light, these Fire Steel, hypoallergenic earrings stand out in the crowd despite their petite size

The Fire Steel, hypoallergenic earrings collection uses a steel alloy with a minimum of 10% to 11% chromium content by mass. 316L Stainless steel is more resistant to stain, corrosion or rust compared to ordinary steel and the factors of this composition enable Fire Steel, stainless steel jewellery wearers to enjoy eclectic designs at a more affordable price than they would with precious metals such as platinum, 14K gold or 925 sterling silver.

There are different types and grades of stainless steel whose quality is affected according to the amount of components in the alloy and will exhibit different physical and chemical properties. Fire Steel, hypoallergenic earrings are made from premium grade 316L 316L stainless steel.

Fire steel, hypoallergenic earrings are delivered in an elegant black leatherette designer jewellery box.