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How art commissions benefit architects

Latest Sale explores how art commissions benefit architects who work on both residential and commercial projects. Architects are often the key decision makers in respect of the overall look and feel of a building project. Whilst working closely with interior designers, a collaborative approach may be deployed to ascertain the right artwork that will be used for a dwelling or commercial project.

Art commissions benefit architects seeking bespoke solutions for their clients. These bespoke solutions may be sought in instances whereby the client requires exclusivity of design. Such a client may also wish to embrace limited edition art prints for specific areas of a dwelling or a commercial endeavour. Art commissions may be used in exclusive areas such as a waiting area or prominent vestibule in commercial premises or in a private residential home, this may be the living room for example.

Art commissions benefit architects directly who will be able to offer their clients a more personalized solution that addresses their individual needs.