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Home / Art Commissions / Make a flawless first impression in milliseconds, Murray Newlands

Make a flawless first impression in milliseconds, Murray Newlands

Latest Sale prides itself in working with some of the best, cutting edge artists on behalf of clients who seek to compliment their luxury surroundings. Murray Newlands, once said “Make a flawless first impression in milliseconds” and this motto the Latest Sale team aims to accomplish with art commissions the team undertakes with its clients. Abstract artist Ali Jabbar has undertaken several art commissions with prominent clients with abstract art projects including sculptures.

In support of Ali Jabbar, the Latest Sale team offer an art commissions service for clients who wish to tap into the team’s knowledge and expertise before commissioning an artist for the development of culturally inspired sculptures. Below, Latest Sale highlights the following sculptures that adhere to Murray Newlands’ ethos of making a flawless impression in milliseconds;

Consistency is key and we highlight Ali Jabbar’s culturally enhanced sculpture that has been created with white marble. Measuring an impressive 5m x 3m x 1.5m, this 2005 sculpture is located in the Burj Khalifa Aria region, Dubai, United Arab Emirates, a region famous for its luxury resorts and shopping malls. This visionary  sculpture was awarded the First Prize in the 2005 Dubai International Sculpture Symposium.

Next we turn our attention to the 3m x 2.5m x 1m Ali Jabbar sculpture. Using white marble and created in 2009 this Ali Jabbar sculpture located in Mersin City, Turkey overlooking the Mediterranean coast. Mersin Province offers the country’s largest seaport, known as the Pearl of the Mediterranean and is a region associated with healing mineral water springs. The region has also hosted the 2013 Mediterranean Games in Turkey.

To “make a flawless impression in milliseconds” Ali Jabbar takes us one step further with the colourful 40cm x 35cm x 30cm wood and plaster Artist’s Home abstract art sculpture. Created in 2012, this charming, imaginative sculpture speaks volumes and inspires the artist in all of us to reach the dizzying heights of artistic endeavours.

Taiwan in the setting for Ali Jabbar’s fourth sculpture. With an impressive dimension of 5m x 2.5m x 2.5m, this invigorating, stainless steel sculpture encapsulates the essence of Taiwanese culture and the country’s commitment to contemporary designs. Created in 2008, this inspirational, edgy Ali Jabbar sculpture represents classic abstraction at its best.