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Home / Photography / Modern Art: Photobook #2 – Conditions by Andres Marroquin Winkleman

Modern Art: Photobook #2 – Conditions by Andres Marroquin Winkleman

Latest Sale focuses on Photography for the Business Directory, highlighting work by Andres Marroquin Winkleman. Thought as one of the best kept secrets of 2010 the Conditions Photobook #2 publishing world, the book enjoys the following specification;

Hardcover, Left & Right Binding
128 pages, 56 full colour plates
26 cm x 21cm (10.2 inches × 8.2 inches)
Offset printed
Edition size: 300

The Photobook is the first project entitled “Conditions” of which we hope will be the first of many from German publisher Meier und Müller whose focus transcends the depths of the everyday lives of men and women.

Photographer Andres Marroquin Winkleman’s impressive first published work has been edited by Photographer Adam Bartos, Conditions is a tightly compact presentation of works with a refreshing outlook and style incorporating a provocative infusion of Japanese imagery that is both conceptual and harmonious.

Winkleman’s images explore the concepts of “us” and “them” giving the reader insight into fragments of society and the rules of co-inhabitation in various communities. It represents a living parallel that enables individuals to experience complex and variable realities within society.

“Conditions” has been published as a limited edition of 300.

Sources for imagery and video:


“Conditions”, Andrés Marroquín Winkelmann from Meier und Müller on Vimeo.