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Personalization through Dynamic Video, Latest Sale Week 09042018

This week Latest Sale covers Personalization through Dynamic Video, as part of the Multimedia and Digital category for the Business Directory. Dynamic video trends with a focus on personalization are key factors to success for online content developers due to a wider array of advertising options and the influencing factors of dynamic video that is ever more prevalent in a company’s content strategy thanks to the growth in consumption of online videos from 2012 to 2017.

Customizing headlines according to data insights that can more readily assess a customer’s usage patterns enable content providers to personalize videos even further by including music. For connected consumer data and a library of content developed in various formats, exploring video sequencing tools can optimize personalization with targeted customization options such as targeted audience segments. These segment groupings include age, other demographic data, location, demographic market area (DMA) insights, video duration, soundtrack, voiceover/dialect, message, imagery, and personalized call to action messages.