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Home / Jewellery / How rare are Olga Margarita, tagua necklaces?

How rare are Olga Margarita, tagua necklaces?

Tagua is used in all Olga Margarita designs for tagua necklaces instead of elephant ivory, maintaining essential ecosystems, reducing deforestation and ensuring the depredation of elephants.

Tagua is actually found in abundance in the Southern American Amazon tropics especially in Colombia and Venezuela so from the perspective of discovery and availability it is not rare. The Tagua or Ivory Palm tree produces these unique fruits or tagua nuts that are then used to create the wide range of Olga Margarita, tagua necklaces.

Tagua seeds are not rare but bespoke designer jewellery can be created using the seeds. Tagua necklaces can also be enhanced using special dyes. Tagua necklaces can then be made available in various colours including red, ivory, blue, green, orange, brown and even bright yellow.

Rarity can be described as that which cannot be found in abundance and which therefore has a high monetary value. In respect of Olga Margarita, tagua necklaces, the rarity is such because each piece is unique. Handmade jewellery by Olga Margarita includes tagua necklaces therefore no two decisions are the same. Each tagua seed will have a slightly different colouring, different size and unique veins of the cellulose structure with the only similarity between all tagua necklaces being the smooth texture of each and every seed to the touch.

Olga Margarita, tagua necklaces are delivered in an elegant silver designer jewellery box.