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Home / Technology / Tablets versus Laptop Computers: Which is the best to Buy?

Tablets versus Laptop Computers: Which is the best to Buy?

This week, Latest Sale covers Technology for the Business Directory with a special focus on tablets versus laptop computers. Which is the best to buy?


The Benefits of laptop computers

One of the key benefits of laptop computers is their portability and assortment of uses. For business or pleasure, the laptop computer has revolutionized the way we work. With the growing popularity of the iPad tablet, one could question whether laptops will still continue to be as popular as they have been for over a decade.


The Benefits of Tablets 

The key to understanding the success of tablets is to focus on their core benefits. For those who seek a more simplistic and streamlined way  of surfing the net, playing games, reading through books, as well as watching movies. With an even greater level of portability offered vis-à-vis traditional laptop computers, tablets are the perfect travel companion especially on long haul flights. Here follows some additional pros and cons of both laptop computers and tablets to help you make the right decision on what to purchase and for what occasion..



Laptops normally weigh between five to seven pounds while most tablets weigh 1 to 2 pounds with dimensions similar to that of a book. This is extremely helpful for those travelling and seeking the greatest level of portability benefits.


Keyboard Or No Keyboard

Most tablets use in-built programming which facilitates a touchscreen display keyboard function. However, nearly all touchscreen display keyboards account for the lower portion of the display screen and the overall display size is thus reduced. Although laptop computers occupy more space, laptop keyboards are usually more practical for those who type a considerable amount.


Battery Life

Most tablets enjoy a longer battery life compared to laptops. The average battery life of tablets are 8 hours or more, although admittedly battery life on both laptop computers and tablets is dependent on the manner in which the end user uses the device.


Display And Viewing

A laptop usually sits at a ninety-degree angle once open and can be tilted at various angles for simple viewing. The majority of tablets, on the contrary, lie evenly over a surface. The display cannot be adjusted as easily to any one position or another meaning that the user will need to look downwards repeatedly. .


Operating System

Tablet PCs care fully equipped with a smartphone Operating System while most laptop computers operate on an ordinary Personal Computer Operating System which many individuals think is unsafe and unstable.



Aside from the perceived high price of new laptop computers compared to tablets, the screen of most tablets is prone to damage more easily if not handled properly. A special display protector is often installed to safeguard the tablet’s screen from scratches however it is normally purchased separately from the tablet for an additional cost.