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Home / Technology / Technology highlights: Ola electric cars Latest Sale Week 01052017

Technology highlights: Ola electric cars Latest Sale Week 01052017

The week, Latest Sale uncovers Technology insights from the Business Directory. We highlight the SoftBank backed Ola electric cars launch in India. Ola has been renown for breaking the mould within the taxi sharing market in Asia. Organic technology™with a social cause, the ethos of Ola is to ensure and facilitate the accessible mobility of those who require it within Indian cities.

Ola addresses social challenges in Indian transportation infrastructure

  • Reduction of congestion within Indian cities
  • Management of pollution within Indian cities
  • Ease and ability of local communities to access transportation without delay and to book taxis more spontaneously

The key benefits of Ola extend to its corporate goal to offer “Freedom of Mobility” to its users. A project that started with a taxi hailing application has now developed into so much more. The application, launched in 2013 has now extended to the Ola rider electric vehicle programme in which 3,000 electric cars with in- car fashion shopping apps are being trialled.

The greatest challenge so far for the successful implementation of Ola electric cars in India is the availability of charging stations and the relatively low sales of electric cars (22,000 annually) versus the much higher sales during the same 2015/ 2016 period of conventional vehicles (enjoying 3 million in sales).

A robust green technology strategy is encouraged within Ola that prides itself in encouraging the cost reduction of electric car batteries and improving the overall performance of car batteries so that car charging only needs to take place on a daily basis. Ola is also committed to making more charging stations available during the trial period in all Indian cities where the electric cars are being piloted.