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Venice maintains heritage; genuine murano glass earrings manufacturing

With a plethora of copy cat trends on the market it is easy to see how Venice maintains heritage in genuine murano glass manufacturing. But did this popularity ever end, and how can this unique manufacturing technique be embraced and enhanced through discerning designs offered by the Destino Jewellery murano glass earrings product design team?

The sheer popularity, of murano glass is legendary, with the island of Murano in the 17th century formally frequented by crowned heads, popes and the leading businessmen of its time. Such dignataries were attracted to the island’s propensity to manufacture glass in a unique fashion, not found elsewhere. This attraction referred to as “à la façon de Venise” is used to produce all product lines pertaining to Destino Jewellery, murano glass earrings.

How important is it that the island of Murano retains its strong heritage in glassmaking and beauty in design? Authenticity is the key to the Destino Jewellery line of murano glass earrings that are only sourced and made on the island of Murano. It was the introduction of honorary citizenships on the island that enabled non-residents to enjoy the ranks of master and assistant glassblower. Although some restrictions were put in place in order to maintain the controlled murano glass ecosystem, this honorary citizenship had the negative effect of reducing the overall level of authenticity of murano glass manufacturing.

With a number of glass furnaces set to close by force in the  territory controlled by the Venetian Republic, the 18th century witnessed a decline in the existence of Murano based furnaces, with the region hit by disenchanted employees and an increase in the level of unemployment.

Thankfully, the Venice Biennale at the end of the 19th century reinvigorated the murano glass art market and by the beginning of the 20th century, the importance of glass art on the island of Murano enjoyed a high level of investment and began to thrive once again.

With a sincere respect for the region’s commitment to maintaining its heritage in art glass making, the product design team behind the Destino Jewellery murano glass earrings collection is proud to be associated with such an authentic range of art inspired jewellery.