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How handmade jewellery wearers protect the environment

Latest Sale shows how handmade jewellery wearers protect the environment. Wearing any of the Olga Margarita, handmade jewellery range offers customers with a delicate range of colourful tagua chokers that are incredibly distinctive. A unique way of celebrating the beauty of Mother Nature, Olga Margarita, handmade jewellery wearers can be sure that their purchase supports the continued manufacture of eco friendly products that protect the environment.


Ensure your natural beauty thrives

The pairing of bright vegetable ivory colours and shiny lean neoprene enhances each item’s chic and hand made character. There is no doubt that your natural beauty will thrive as soon as you wrap one around your neck. Vegetable ivory furthers important environmental and socioeconomic goals by stimulating the local economies and microenterprises in South America. It provides an alternative to cutting down rainforests for farming, and prevents elephants from being killed for the ivory in their tusks. Tagua seeds according to their size are generally classified into 4 categories: extra large, large, medium and small.


Independent jewellery designs

People who value their independence as part of the creative process produce some of the best product. Latest Sale offers family-based manufacturers and jewellery designers exclusive distribution and marketing support by enabling them to access an international audience without losing control of their business.

The Olga Margarita handmade jewellery collection is delivered in an elegant, silver coloured designer jewellery box.