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How to ensure handmade beaded necklaces are the perfect gift

Latest Sale explores how to ensure handmade beaded necklaces are the perfect gift. With accessible pricing, handmade jewellery can be purchased to accessorize fashionable attire including during the Christmas season and for birthday treats.


How to source quality handmade beaded necklaces

Ensuring buyers have the perfect gift is attained by making sure the selected handmade beaded necklaces are of the highest possible quality. Examination of workmanship is essential with special attention paid towards the finishing of the beads and how they are assembled.


Choosing the right colours to represent unique gifts

Choosing the right colour is dependent on both the tastes of the recipient of the gift and jewellery trends. Some recipients may have a favourite colour and others may enjoy accessorizing according to the latest jewellery trends.


2018 the year of ultra violet Pantone colour 18-3838

The year 2018 represents the year of Pantone Colours so any trendsetting recipient of handmade beaded necklaces will appreciate a gift that is reflective of this trend. Seasonal trends change year by year with colours such as ultra violet promising to be a popular colour throughout 2018. The flexibility of the materials used to manufacture handmade beaded necklaces facilitates jewellery making and the process of dyeing the beads to match annual jewellery trends and colour codes such as ultra violet.


How to combine trendsetting Pantone colour ultra violet with others in order to create the most original handmade beaded necklaces

This trendsetting colour, Pantone 18-3838, ultra violet can be reflected in designs of handmade beaded necklaces either holistically or subtly. Ultra violet used in handmade beaded necklaces can add an element of originality and reflect the inner meaning of the colour ultra violet; positivity and vision for the future. Ultra violet colour tones can be mixed with other pantone colours such as crimson, red and jade to create magnificent handmade beaded necklaces.