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Where can I buy Copper Bracelets?


The Latestsale.com Ultimate copper jewellery shopping guide, dedicated to increasing your knowledge so you know where to buy copper bracelets.



Not only does Amazon sell electronics and gadgets, but these days, Amazon also sells copper bracelets and a wide variety of clothing, jewellery and women’s accessories. Amazon sells various brands of copper bracelets from stylish to medicinal copper bracelets, which is great as you’ll have plenty of choices; however, having so many copper bracelet suppliers in one store means that prices and supplier ranges will be variable.

Selling since: 1994
Price Range for Copper Bracelets: £10 to £100
Number of companies selling Copper Bracelets on Amazon.com: more than 100.
Types of Copper Bracelets: designer and medicinal


Magnets4Health is a jewellery seller that specializes not only in medicinal copper bracelets, but other types of designer and medicinal accessories such as stainless steel, titanium, gold, silicone bracelets and bangles. Magnets4Health also sell Shamballa, Hematite and semi precious accessories together with pet accessories.

Selling since: 1999

Price Range for Copper Bracelets: £8 to £50
Number of companies selling Copper Bracelets on Magnets4Health.com: 1
Types of Copper Bracelets: medicinal



ILoveCopper.com has one of the widest selections of copper jewellery on the internet. ILoveCopper.com sells various types of copper jewellery including bracelets and other copper accessories such as earrings, pendants, chains, cuff links, rings, watches and many other items made from copper. If you love copper accessories, then this is one of the best places to cater for all your copper cravings.

Selling since: 2000
Copper Bracelet Price Range: £1 to £100 and above
Number of companies selling Copper Bracelets on ILoveCopper.com: 1
Types of Copper Bracelets: designer and medicinal



Links of London offers a diversified mix of men, women’s and children’s accessories ranging from watches, necklaces, bracelets and other accessories. They mostly specialize in selling designer sterling silver and 18 carat gold accessories but Links of London do also sell some copper bracelets that also work as friendship bracelets. Links of London prices range from £1 up to £1,500.

Selling since: 1990
Copper Bracelet Price Range: £1 up to £1500
Number of companies selling Copper Bracelets on LinksofLondon.com: 1
Types of Copper Bracelets: designer



Selling since 1960, Copper-Bracelets.com is the premiere seller of Copperware and Brassware. For over 50 years, they have been producing high quality handcrafted copper and copper magnetic bracelets. All of the bracelets are registered medical devices which is believed to help alleviate the pain associated with arthritis and other degenerative diseases by increasing the blood flow and speeding up the body’s natural healing process.

Selling since:1960
Copper Bracelet Price Range: £1 and up
Number of companies selling Copper Bracelets on Copper-Bracelets.com: 1
Types of Copper Bracelets: medicinal


Things to Look For In a Copper Bracelet

Copper bracelets are great purchases for many reasons, including its positive health benefits. Choosing the right vendor from whom to buy a copper bracelet will be influenced by many factors. Here are some things you need to look for when seeking a quality copper bracelet:


The Design of Copper Bracelets

Just because you are buying a copper bracelet for medicinal purposes, that doesn’t mean that you have to sacrifice on style. Your copper bracelet should be something that your friends would love and would be proud to be seen in. Also, think of how your friends will appreciate it if you give them a copper bracelet as a gift. Don’t sacrifice style for function in the same way you should not ignore quality over price.


The Quality of Copper Bracelets

One way to tell if you have a genuine copper bracelet is your skin will turn green after prolonged use if you do not have a genuine copper bracelet. However, if you are buying a copper bracelet online, only your eyes will be the judge to spot a good quality copper bracelet.

Copper bracelets should have a beautiful, rusty shine to it. They shouldn’t look too reddish in colour nor be too light. Copper bracelets can be made of 100% pure copper or may be formed from another, usually inexpensive metal and have a coating outside, also known as plating. These copper bracelets will have the same appearance at first glance, but copper-plated bracelets wear through the plating in time.


Prices for Copper Bracelets

Copper bracelets range from £1.00 to more than a £100.00. The price depends on the copper bracelet’s quality, its design and how it is made (using handmade techniques or mass market manufacturing techniques). Copper-Bracelets.com, for example makes hand-crafted copper bracelets so its prices are slightly higher than the norm as you are paying for a higher quality product.


Packaging for Copper Bracelets

Not everyone cares about the packaging, but think of it this way. Opening designer or branded packaging will only continue to indicate the product’s high quality. Compare that with a transparent plastic bag usually given by thrift jewellery shops.


Corporate Social Responsibility

Finally, also consider the following factors regarding social awareness and the level t which the company you are buying from supports local communities. Does the brand you are buying from support the forgotten local working communities in various countries across the developing world, such as vulnerable women’s groups? Does the company buy from producers who actively encourage programmes that fight the threat of poverty?