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Can citrine earrings be used as bridal jewellery?

We explore wedding day trends and respond to the popular question, can citrine earrings be used as bridal jewellery? In truth, many brides-to-be are forever exploring new ways to look stunning on their special day, with alternative gemstones researched in depth.

Diamonds represent everlasting love and are therefore almost always used for bridal jewellery. This is especially the case for wedding rings and engagement rings. For adventurous brides and especially those who aim to coordinate their bridal jewellery with coloured themes for their wedding, an orange or sunshine yellow theme can be perfectly enhanced with matching bouquets and a stunning pair of this golden citrine gemstone.

Destino Jewellery citrine earrings are known to instil positive energy and prosperity, giving off joyous notes to all who wear them. What better way to commence married life than to be filled with an aura of abundant chakra?Thought to also alleviate fear and anxiety, citrine earrings represent the perfect way to calm the nerves of brides-to-be who need to maintain a clear head throughout one of the most important days of their life.

The Destino Jewellery bridal jewellery collection including citrine earrings are delivered in an elegant white leatherette designer jewellery box.