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Home / Jewellery / Destino Jewellery, copper earrings and the use of laquered copper

Destino Jewellery, copper earrings and the use of laquered copper

Destino Jewellery, copper earrings and the use of lacquered copper is represented in a select number of pieces from the Destino Jewellery, copper earrings collection. Lacquered copper is a protective covering applied to copper materials to prevent tarnishing and corrosion. When copper products are coated with lacquered copper, they become shiny and more resistant to the damaging effects of external elements.

To reduce the need for frequent cleaning, the surfaces of copper and brass can be lacquered which presents another advantage of using lacquered copper for the production of copper earrings designs. The surface of the lacquer gives a bright but shallow reflection on the jewellery designs.

Lacquer may be applied on surfaces that are scrupulously clean and free from oil or grease.  Some lacquers, especially the basic cellulose variants enable tarnishing to take place under the surface of the coating. Care should be taken when selecting lacquers that should be clearly designated by the manufacturers as suitable for use on copper, brass and other copper alloys before they are applied on copper jewellery.

Lacquer variants include air-drying lacquers that are frequently applied to copper jewellery by brushing, dipping or spraying.  A more poignant grade may also be available to provide a thicker film and greater protection. Melamine formaldehyde is a fast curing material with considerable toughness attributes and resistance to water and general humidity. Melamine acrylic lacquer is even more resistant to abrasion.

The Destino Jewellery, copper earrings range uses predominantly raw copper for the collection that enjoys a reddish tone with only a small proportion of the copper earrings range employing lacquered copper manufacturing techniques.