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How to Care for Murano Glass Earrings

The Latest Sale team explores with its customers how to care for Murano glass earrings. Destino Jewellery Murano glass earrings require proper and routine care to keep them in good condition. Even though there are several cleaning methods available, not all of them are recommended. One suggested method to care for Murano glass is to clean or wash them with warm water, taking care that the warm water is used mainly on the Murano glass as opposed to the sterling silver metal that should be cleaned with more traditional cleaning fluids. Special attention should be taken to ensure that the Murano glass does not become dusty when stored over time.

Washing two pieces of jewellery together can damage or scratch Destino Jewellery Murano glass earrings. The Destino Jewellery product design team recommends cleaning Murano glass with neutral soap if necessary, but never with ammonia or any harsh chemicals. Jewellery wearers may also take Murano glass to a jewellery shop for a professional jewellery cleaning service.