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Home / Architecture / Sustainable Architecture, elevated cycling routes, Latest Sale Week 26032018

Sustainable Architecture, elevated cycling routes, Latest Sale Week 26032018

This week Latest Sale covers sustainable architectureelevated cycling routes for the Business Directory. Thought to be the world’s longest elevated cycling route in China, the Danish based architect firm Dissing + Weitling Architecture is behind this one of a kind ecological wonder in China’s Fujian province.

The elevated cycling route, dubbed the Xiamen Bicycle Skyway, located in the Chinese city of Xiamen is enjoyed by five residential areas and three business centres in Xiamen. The cycling route is 7.6 kilometres long and sits just below the raised bus route and 5 metres above the road. The perfect solution for ecological initiatives, the aim of the Xiamen Bicycle Skyway is to improve transport capacity without affecting regular traffic on roads. The importance of cyclist’s safety has been fully considered with this infrastructure project. A key initiative that has considerable health benefits, with parents comfortable for their young children to cycle safely on the route without worrying about road traffic, traffic stop signs, left turns, obstructions and blind spots of HGV lorries, the Xiamen Bicycle Skyway is one of the most successful ecologically inspired infrastructure projects in the world.

Ensuring that residents of the Fujian province are able to exercise cost effectively and with ease, the Xiamen Bicycle Skyway ensures that the city’s residents can avoid the traps of city life such as obesity due to lack of sporting activity suffered by residents in other cities. The two-way cycle path enables cyclists to travel to and from the city in their own one-way traffic cycle lanes.

Completed in 2017, this successful infrastructure project was commissioned by the City Government of Xiamen, Xiamen Municipal Planning and Design Administration, China.


Images and video courtesy of Dissing + Weitling Architecture