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How to embrace fine jewellery trends

With fine jewellery designers known for creating classic, timeless designs, Latest Sale examines how to prepare for fine jewellery trends. Opal is known

to exude passion, and as the official October birthstone (alongside Tourmaline), the exciting uniqueness of each opal stone can be enjoyed by all. With colours that change in the light, opal is traditionally available in a milky/green colour, green /blue colour and hazy pink.

For an added element of excitement, Destino Jewellery opal earrings include a staggered rising ladder design that climbs up the ear lobes. Each opal gemstone is unique with vibrant rainbow colours that catch the light in a tantalizing fashion.

The enigmatic Destino Jewellery opal jewellery collection incorporating opal earrings and opal necklaces combine to create opal jewellery sets and are delivered in an elegant white leatherette designer jewellery box.