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Home / Multimedia and Digital / Joyous Headphones: Sennheiser, Beats or Bose Latest Sale Week 19112018

Joyous Headphones: Sennheiser, Beats or Bose Latest Sale Week 19112018

This week, Latest Sale explores ‘Joyous Headphones: Sennheiser, Beats or Bose’ in the Multimedia and Digital category of our luxury Business Directory. Deciding between the top 3 headphone brands is subjective and depends entirely on personal preferences and budget.

Sennheiser features the widest selection of headphones, ranging from affordable functional options to high-end, feature-heavy headphones that cost up to $1,700. Sennheiser offers the best value for money of the three.

Beats headphones place a stronger emphasis on bass. They are great for bass-heavy music but can distort sound quality for some music genres. The headphones also have a tendency to leak sound. Consider these limitations before choosing Beats products.

Bose headphones come with a noise cancellation feature in addition to very low sound leakage. Bose models can recognize background noise and offer users the option to remove it out of the listening experience for good. This feature is not available in Sennheiser models thus making Bose more suitable when traveling or when using in noisy environments.