Nature inspired Fire Steel stainless steel jewellery sets

Channel your adventurous and audacious side with nature inspired Fire Steel stainless steel jewellery sets with the chunky, deluxe two-toned hole punch bangle. Its combined 316L stainless steel and stainless steel PVD gold colours make it easy to pair with other accessories including stainless steel earrings, and its bold nature allows it to make a statement on its own. The must-have multi coloured stainless steel bangle is sleek, with elegant, intricately designed flower motifs that can be worn with other items from other Fire Steel open cut flower stainless steel jewellery collection. Make a bold impression that channels your feminine beauty by accessorizing with Fire Steel stainless steel and PVD gold open cut round flower earrings. Their simple and delicate design add to their overall splendour, and their lightweight structure make them fun and easy to wear. The Fire Steel stainless steel jewellery sets collection incorporating the open flower cut cuff bracelet and open cut stainless steel earrings are delivered in an elegant black designer jewellery box.

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