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Home / Architecture / The Panama Biku Eco Resort, Latest Sale Week 21052018

The Panama Biku Eco Resort, Latest Sale Week 21052018

This week Latest Sale covers the Panama Biku Eco Resort for the luxury Business Directory. The so-called Treehouse Hotel by London based, award winning Baca Architects is located on an island off Panama that is only accessible by boat. Baca Architects is a sustainable architecture firm that aims to integrate landscape, building science and low carbon technology in order to facilitate the development of world class architectural delights in major cities around the world.to create beautiful enduring architecture and cities


Bocas del Toro archipelago and its Cocoa Pod Design

 The Treehouse Hotel in the Bocas del Toro archipelago also enjoys a larger residence also designed by Baca Architects. The Bocas del Toro archipelago is a chain if islands in the Caribbean Sea that enjoys mangrove trees, exotic species, and scenic natural parks. The cocoa pod design of the Tree House aims to capture the essence of the island’s exotic seed structured rainforest surroundings.


Sustainable Architecture with bamboo finishings

The main materials used in the creation of the rehouse is bamboo and the firm’s design process of shaping the treehouse to redirect rainwater and offer natural ventilation is one of its more exclusive features as well as its open plan design that gives hotel guests a scenic view of the jungle. The fully solar powered hotel with recycled water capabilities aims to ensure that the island’s natural ecosystem is not heavily impacted. The projects is aimed for expected to be completed by the Summer of Autumn 2019


Image courtesy of Baca Architects