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Home / Jewellery / There are so many ways to care for costume jewellery

There are so many ways to care for costume jewellery

There are so many ways to care for costume jewellery but for sure one of the key recommendations from the Bijoux Oui team is to retain your jewellery piece in a protective jewellery box.

Some wearers may use a jewellery pouch to store their jewellery which is fine, however the Bijoux Oui collection is fully protected with a designer jewellery box used for each and every piece. In the same way that a jewellery pouch can offer protection, ensuring your jewellery is not overly exposed to sunlight, a jewellery box offers the same protection plus the added benefit of safeguarding delicate pieces that may otherwise be at risk of being broken.

Imagine a fragile costume jewellery piece with cubic zirconia settings. This jewellery piece would be protected more fully in a jewellery box as there would be less risk of damage or of it being crushed.