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Home / Jewellery / Can gold plated earrings be placed in water?

Can gold plated earrings be placed in water?

Jewellery wearers seeking tarnish free jewellery may ask, “Can gold plated earrings be placed in water?” It would not be wise to soak gold plated jewellery in water. In fact, the less exposure to liquid particles including aerosols, the better. Costume jewellery is known for its affordability and exciting designs, and combining these two sales points means some level of compromise is necessary.

Special care must be taken, not only to ensure the fashion jewellery piece is not over exposed to water but is also kept in a cool dry location, preferably a jewellery box. Regular cleaning with a cloth is also helpful. Fashion jewellery is not destined to last forever so make the most of your earrings and do all you can to ensure the gold plating remains in tact.