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Home / Jewellery / Destino Jewellery, copper earrings and the use of raw copper

Destino Jewellery, copper earrings and the use of raw copper

When copper is at its purest its colour tone is a reddish orange finish. Destino Jewellery, copper earrings and the use of raw copper is explored in this blog post with an emphasis on the pale rose, copper red colouring that shimmers in reflective light


How is raw copper used?

Most of the Destino Jewellery, copper jewellery collection encompassing copper bracelets and copper earrings is made from raw copper giving off the elegant and tantalizing glow of orange/ red colouring. Copper is known for its high level of conductivity and it therefore has multiple uses. Mechanical and everyday uses of copper are deployed as widely as copper jewellery, copper kettles and even copper wires used in electrical wires, pipes and tubes. Copper may be combined with zinc to create brass jewellery or even to complete a riveting bronze jewellery collection.


Where does copper come from?

Copper is created in the form of copper ores. With the most common commercially mined as sulfide ores that chemically bond copper with sulphur, oxide ores and carbonate ores are regularly referred to when copper is used to create various tools and copper jewellery. The ore variant used has an impact on the final colour of the copper. Sulfide ore gives off a yellow colouring, while cuprite ore or red copper ore is an oxide ore that glows red/ orange in colour. It is cuprite ore or the red copper ore variant that is used to create the majority of the Destino Jewellery, copper earrings collection.


The Destino Jewellery diffusion line health boosting properties

The Destino Jewellery diffusion line uses recycled and raw copper — a metal reputed to have health-boosting properties — from Mexico to create glamorous, large statement copper earrings and copper bracelets. Because copper can be absorbed through the skin, wearing copper earrings has become a simple, popular way to reap the benefits of this tantalizing metal.

Destino Jewellery, copper earrings are delivered in an elegant black designer jewellery box.